Installation Information


Installation Info.

All of Unity’s products are made with clean tire buffing and/or crumb rubber granules recycled in-house and mixed with a clear urethane. Colorized products are made with pigmented dyes combined with black recycled rubber that do not release harmful VOC’s, and are produced free of zinc, latex, lead, phthalates and heavy metals. These pigments are dispersed throughout the top of our products for consistency at an economical price. A wide variety of colors to choose from include: black, splash, silver, red, green, tan, blue, white, teal, brown, purple, and TPV/EPDM TOP.

Installation Layout Options:

We now offer a “running bond” method of installation that can stagger the joints anywhere along the horizontal self-interlocking tabs. A “running bond” can help with slight variations during installation, while at the same time allowing for increased diversity in custom designs, layouts and patterns to express free flowing lines similar to “pour-in-place (PIP) that will expand the minds of many and “WOW” the end-users.

Free Flowing Design Options:

Free flowing designs you’ve been dreaming of in a traditional paver system can now become a reality with the use of our products. With this newly patented “running bond” method of installation, one can create as many bold themes, layouts, patterns and designs throughout an area as one can image. Architects and designers alike can express unlimited imagination and complete design freedom for any vision regardless of size, style and/or complexity, by locking our products along ANY self-interlocking tab. This unique method of installation is unmatched in the industry today.

Our products can be cut on site to conform to the most difficult of shapes, patterns, designs and layouts. This gives your area a nice clean “finished” look for everyone to enjoy, as seen in the photographs below:

Sub-Base Options:

Since the life expectancy of our products far exceeds any other surfacing, flooring and/or paver product on the market today. To maintain such superiority, we suggest installing an approved waterproof membrane down, with a slight pitch for drainage. Other types of surfacing options include concrete (cement) asphalt (blacktop), crushed stone, quarry, wood decking and/or any standard indoor/outdoor flooring that do not have stress cracks. It is important to consult with your local codes prior to selecting a sub-base material.

Test Results:

The core function of our product testing is to provide peace-of-mind after it is installed. With the help of independent testing laboratories, we ensure that our products meets or exceeds these ASTM, CPSC, ADA, FM standards by up to 42% when compared with other competing products on the market today. These critical tests are the value of avoiding legal problems resulting from lawsuits that stem from inappropriate roofing materials/accessories. Additionally, we go above and beyond, by internally testing our products for any quality control issues that may hinder the test performance rating before it leaves our factory floor and after it is installed for several years. It is important that peace-of-mind is carried over from rooftop to rooftop, year after year.

Don’t let fire and wind have its way. Put a lock on your investment with Unity pavers that withstands wind speeds of more that 150 mph AND meets or exceeds Class “A” fire testing for rooftop applications………..something that can only be found with the Unity brand of products and services.

If you would like to see the actual test results, please click here.