Bottom View


With this view from the bottom, one can see that our solid coned (feet and/or leg) bottom design acts as a shock absorber from falls onto the surfacing below. It is also designed to help with storm water management by allowing water to flow freely in multiple directions to the drainage outlet when installed on a solid sub-base material, such as concrete (cement), asphalt (blacktop) or even rooftops. Our unique bottom-design also eliminates any “hard spots” and/or “picture framing,” a common design problem with other competing products on the market today.

A revolutionary advancement in design is out patented “Button-Lock” technology where the projection of one tile is receivable by the corresponding slot/recession of another tile. It is designed to literally “snap & hook” into place, which provides an extra layer of protection to the end user. This additional locking mechanism provides the most secure installations on the market, both horizontally and vertically.


This advanced design feature, found on the inside wall of our female interlocks, allows for any access glue to ooze down and away from the top of our products during the installation process thanks to the built-in channeling system seen here. This continual advancement in design assures architects, engineers, designers, consultants, owners, end-users and contractors a qualified, professional installation that is fixed and functional throughout the life of the product.