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(Safety Surfacing and Flooring)

Unity’s products are engineered and manufactured, in the United States, using the best and safest materials available through our sister company which recycles tires and rubber in-house, that is how you will know it is the right solution for you. Having developed and patented a superiorresilient product made from 100% recycled materials that is clean and safe to use in almost any environment, our ingenious self-interlocking design with the new “Button-Lock™ Technology” coupled with our unique “Drain-Port System” and “Bolt-Down Features” gives us an unparalleled advantage over competing products in the industry………..all while earning LEED points and credits from the USGBC (United States Green Build Council).

Evaluation of potential injury from falls on playground surfaces made of recycled tires and rubber:

Nationwide, up to 75 percent of serious playground injuries are the results of falls to the surface below (NPPS-2018). In some instances impact-absorbing surfaces such as rubber tiles/mats/blocks were effective at reducing injuries from falls compared to hard surfaces such as asphalt, cement, turf and dirt (Chalmers et al., 1996; Mott et al., 1997; Mowat et al., 1998; Norton et al., 2004b). An epidemiologic study by Mott et al. (1997) found that playgrounds with “rubber surfaces” performed better.

 HIC values were not affected by the age of the rubberized surface, either during the first 2-3 months following installation or during the first two years. This data points out the importance of testing the impact attenuation of rubberized playground surfaces to ensure that they meet the safety standards already in place.

 The US CDC (2005) estimates that it cost 1.2 billion dollars to treat playground-related injuries in the United States in 1995.

 * If 10 percent of these injuries occurred in a state, then approximately 120 million dollars were spent in this state. Since approximately 80 percent of these injuries resulted from falls (Tinsworth and McDonald, 2001), then reducing the injury rate from falls by only 10 percent has the potential to save almost 10 million dollars in a state. An accompanying reduction in injury severity would save even more.  Click here to learn more.

Safety, quality, durability, performance, and long term value is what defines our products. The advantages of our system over others include:

  • Excellent Drainage
  • Low Life Cycle Costs 
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Provides Noise Reduction 
  • No Retaining Edges Needed 
  • Running Bond Method of Installation 
  • Bolt-down Capabilities (ground level only) 
  • Self-Interlocking System with “Button-Lock™” Technology” 
  • Does Not Harbor Foreign Objects (broken glass, needles, etc)
  • Very Good (Stable) Footing
  • Step and Repeat Installations
  • Does Not Displace During Usage
  • Provides Thermal & Mechanical Protection
  • Consistent Shock Absorbency Year Round
  • Easy Cleaning to maintain Attractive Appearance
  • Customization with “Hop-Scotch” and the “Alphabet”
  • Will Not Decompose (like most loose filled materials)
  • Wide Variety of Colors & Thicknesses to Choose from

When kids fall…….and fall hard……..Unity is there to protect them.

A fall onto a shock absorbing surfacing is less likely to cause serious injury in contrast to a fall onto a hard unsafe surface. Additionally, head impact injuries from falls onto unsafe surfaces are almost always life threatening. The severity of injury is decreased when using shock absorbing surfaces such as our unitary rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and pavers products. 

School Playground w/Custom Blended Tiles

Our rubber playground tiles were chosen for the purposes of durability and maintenance, and because they offer more opportunities for nuanced color blending, as compared to traditional volcanized or PIP rubber systems.

The design team initially explored using a safety surfacing material in bolder colors, but ultimately chose a palette of colors that you see here after examining an on-site mock-up that we provided, which echoes the calibrated color and distribution scheme of the playground equipment itself.

Color and texture in these TPV Top Tiles come from the raw materials used and blending techniques we offer, which can be achieved in many different ways. Variation (between tile and transitional ramp) is created through our online blending station to generate the focused pattern that you see here. Once those components were created and their relationships established, the team could experiment with a variety of layouts.

Additionally; walking, playing, running, standing, or simply enjoying our products helps avoid leg fatigue in people of all ages Like this playground area that is shared with the assisted living facility.

Space is the most valuable asset in most major cities. There is an increasing demand for our products to be installed on rooftops and indoors. We are one of the only manufacturer to pass several types of a class “A” fire tests (including modified versions), making our products superior for such unique applications. If required, additional fire rated versions are available prior to ordering.

Our goal is to turn every empty rooftop decks into usable spaces. We have approval letters from almost every roofing membrane manufacturer approving our products over there system.

Unity has created an impressive way to turn unsightly rooftops into usable spaces that are appealing, while at the same time providing thermal and mechanical protection. Our system will benefit you and the environment by reducing building energy consumption, extending the life of your waterproofing membrane, reduce storm water runoff AND increase the resale value of your property. The performance, long term value, color diversity and economical benefit of our products has appealed to architects, engineers, designers building owners and managers when renovation and/or retrofit such rooftop projects that plays an integral part in promoting healthier and cleaner environment by “going green”.

Technical Information:

Top View:

Bottom View:

Handicapped Accessibility:

A playground or any surfacing and flooring area that has uncontrolled access should require a unitary surface (i.e. rubber tiles/mats/blocks and/or paver system) to ensure the highest standard of safety for people of all ages. A unitary surface, such as our interlocking play tiles, also reduces high maintenance costs of raking and/or replenishment that are commonly associated with loose filled products and/or turf materials. 

More and more agencies are becoming aware of the fact that all public facilities must be handicapped accessible. With the 1991 passage of the “Americans with Disabilities Act” (ADA), many areas are being planned or modified to give people with disabilities an opportunity to participate in everyday activities. Regardless of your needs, it is not easy to have the mobility to maneuver strollers, crutches, wheel chairs, canes, walkers, etc, through many types of roofing products. All of Unity’s products are designed to give children and adults with or without disabilities and varying mobility access to freely navigate as per ASTM’s: Accessibility-Rotational Penetrometer test.

Transition Ramp/Edging:

When a wall, fence, curb, parapet or other boarding systems is not available, our complete line of transitional ramps provides everything you need to achieve the professional solution you are looking for to compliment any area, giving it a complete “finished” look. These transitional ramps are designed to work together, providing easy access to and from our unitary rubberized safety surfacing, flooring and paver products. They also come in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses to fit your indoor and outdoor needs.

We believe that our products size, weight, durability, longevity, fall protection ratings (the highest in the industry), and ability to have an integrated – self-interlocking system featuring the new “Button-Lock™” Technology (for rooftop applications), with bolt-down capabilities (for playground use), can be effectively and easily secured on site to eliminate the potential for product-to-product separation, curling, peeling, wind-up-lift, vandalism and maintenance.

Everyone at Unity would like to encourage you to close the loop with the use of our products made from recycled materials. And for that, thank you for your interest in our products and services. We invite you to continue scrolling through our website for additional product information, or take a picture of this QR code with your smart-phone.


Due to the extreme durability of our rubber paver system, each and every product manufactured by Unity is backed by a full warranty to protect you and your investment from manufacturing defects. New “extended” warranties have been added to further strengthen the guarantee of our products and services. It is specifically designed to assist architects, engineers, municipalities and project managers to maximize the cost and performance warranty benefits associated with our system. In the end, we offer our customers exceptional value that is unmatched in the industry today. Contact Unity directly for more information. A written warranty is available upon request.

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