Top View Architectural & Ballast


What sets our products at a level that others can only marvel at is our authentic, double, tile/mat/block/paver system that is almost 100% larger in size then most other products on the market. Our flexible rubber paver system has a fake seam down the middle is designed to accommodate and adjust to, minor low-sloped variations in a roof membrane. The resilient double panel allows us to have a monolithic Step & Repeat pattern, which lines real seams with fake seams as if you were installing “brickwork”. These technological developments in design acts as a backup to further resist separation, curing, peeling and wind up-lift across any roof assembly. The bottom line is……….fake seams force real seams to stay in place. 

Size does matter in this case as it allows installers to install almost twice the square footage per man hour then the conventional square tiles, a savings that is unmatched in the industry today.

Our High Density Wear-Top is manufactured using recycled rubber in conjunction with a wide variety of slip resistant Pigments and/or blended EPDM/TPV material, coupled with our specially formulated binders. These high density, textured wear-top options are resilient and won’t crack, puncture or heave in the most hostile of weather conditions. This versatility is unmatched and provides year round use to  the end-user.
The patented C-shaped self-interlocking design is built directly into the product itself, It locks tightly together thanks to the supporting “back-wall”, which prohibits unnecessary separation, curling, pealing, shifting and wind up-lift. It is installed with our specially formulated glue/adhesive, while still providing unlimited access to sub-base materials for any maintenance related issues.

Furthermore, our patented, quadruple, self-interlocking design that is 40% larger in size with 60% more area to glue/adhere, eliminates the need for accessory items such as:fasteners, pins, clips, blocks, grids, etc., to hold the product together. This new technological advancement in design further strengthens the Pull Force of our products, both horizontally AND vertically, as it is locked into place in all directions, which in turn will truly provide the strongest locking mechanism along various parts of our products. In turn, prohibiting them from exposing itself to vertical up-lift and flight characteristics when installed on rooftops, a common design flaw found in a standard square tiles/mats/blocks/pavers on the market today. A characteristic that can only be found here.

Our twelve staggered interlocking joints:

  • Lock tightly together thanks to the new “Button-Lock™” Technology…………… movement when interlocked together.
  • Provide faster and easier drainage, allowing no foreign objects to harbor between the interlocks which are commonly found in competing products on the market today.
  • Helps prevent our products from shifting away from one another – a necessity in active, “common” areas.
  • Eliminates future problems such as expansion and contraction which may encourage wind up-lift.
  • Allow owners of our products to unlock the tabs in order to remove a damaged product, repair a substrate/roof, or relocate a surfacing/flooring area if necessary.
  • When loose laid pavers are interlocked over the roofing membrane, it offers superior protection without limiting the accessibility to the membrane. This versatility is unmatched and decreases the repair expenses to the consumer allowing, for many years of hassle-free use and enjoyment.

Unlike other products on the market that require glue to be applied after it is installed (which only provides a butt-to-butt adhesion), Unity’s products allow for glue to be applied during the installation process. This revolutionary technology allows glue to be applied inside the self-interlocking joint and on top for a free-flowing adhesion throughout the self-interlocking system, including the back wall as seen here, providing FIVE layers of protection.