We represent a portfolio of manufacturers that design and manufacture products known for quality design, durability and low maintenance.

In particular, Green Siteworks provides commercially proven benches, tables, trash and recycling receptacles, bike racks and planters that use the latest innovations in paint technology, sustainable woods and 100% recycled plastic. We have committed ourselves to designing, sourcing and manufacturing products that are durable, comfortable and environmentally sustainable. At every step, from initial design to delivery on your job site, we consider the impact of our work on the environment and continually strive to reduce our footprint.

At Green Siteworks:

  • We utilize the most environmentally friendly paint system, recycled steel, recycled plastic and thermally modified wood.
  • To the extent possible and available, our wood is grown on tree farms or locally harvested. Our pine is FSC certified.
  • Our steel is made up of up to 94% either post-consumer and post-industrial recycled scrap steel.
  • Our recycled plastic is made of 100% HDPE from post-consumer recycled scrap.
  • And our paint system offers the best-in-class environmental performance, eliminating the shortcomings of e-coating and allowing the part to be better saturated with primer to increase the product’s life.
  • With our 10 year warranty you won’t have to worry about products deteriorating over time due to weather and location.

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