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University of Massachusetts


3′ x 6′ Janis tree grate made of cast iron with a baked oil finish. Tree grate arrays are becoming an increasingly popular element of urban landscape design. They allow for a larger rootzone, increasing the canopy above.
Oakland, California


Silverdale, Washington


Cast iron Drain grate. Water resistant anti-slip surface ideal for indoor or outdoor.
Starbucks Headquarters.


Interlocken Trench grate made of cast Bronze. Cast bronze does not rust and is extremely strong and durable, making it the preferred choice for use near circulating water.
Vienna, Virginia


3″ x 12″ trench grate. Made of raw cast bronze.


Needle bollard made of powder coated cast aluminum.
Turtle Back Zoo, New Jersey


Kelp Tree Grate 6′ Diameter. Our Kelp Tree grate in raw cast bronze creates a beautiful base for this unique water fountain.
Half Moon Bay, California


Custom tree grates with uniquely-shaped corten steel.
Boston, Massachusetts


Greek Key modular Planter Box System made of cast iron.
USS Arizona Memorial


Main Street Bollards. Decorative sleeves or removable posts rated for high-impact protection.
Seattle, Washington


4′ Sq. Rain Heel proof tree grate made of cast iron with black powder coat.
Irvine, Texas


525 Eight Avenue, New York City


6′ Diameter Locust tree grate made of raw cast iron.
Boston, Massachusetts


Cast aluminum is highly corrosion resistant but our “Almag” alloy with clear anodized finish is particularly useful for applications where the utmost protection and conservation are required.
Confluence Park, San Antonio, Texas

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Iron Age Designs provides decorative drain grates, tree grates, and other architectural castings, both standard and custom, for public and residential use. Our standard decorative trench grates fit the most widely used drain bodies and trench drain channels made by major manufacturers such as ABT™, ACO™, MEA™ and NDS™. Iron age trench grates can be retrofitted into existing installations or be purchased at the time of the original installation. We also offer custom architectural castings in cast iron, aluminum, ductile iron and silicone bronze. All of our castings are made from recycled product and are ADA compliant.

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What makes Iron Age grates different from the typical drain grate?
Humble and forgotten, the typical drain has long been overlooked as a design element. Most commercial drain grates are strictly utilitarian in style. Perpendicular lines and plastic are commonplace, and have come to be what’s expected in the marketplace. In many cases, the drain grates look like an afterthought, or even clash with the design.

Iron Age offers a wide range of pattern options that will complement your design efforts and the materials of the surrounding surfaces/landscape. Our grates are made with sculptural relief, in contrast to the perfectly flat surfaces of other grates. The unique designs and dimensional surfaces create visual interest, elevating the drain grate to an artistic focal point.

What materials and finishes are available?
Iron Age offers a variety of materials and finishes that each have their own unique properties. Some of the most common materials we work with are Bronze, Aluminum, Ductile Iron and Grey Iron. Finish options include Baked-On-Oil and Powder Coating.

Made in the USA
Iron Age proudly designs and manufactures 100% of its products in the United States, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • More control over processes, resulting in a higher quality product
  • Supports economic opportunity here at home
  • Offers greater ability to monitor production and resolve issues faster
  • Provides more flexibility to adapt to last minute changes from our customers
  • Allows for shorter lead times and faster shipping
  • Reduces the overall carbon footprint as compared to international sourcing

Manufacturing in several different foundries across the country also provides the opportunity to earn your project LEED credits for local production.

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