EcoPrem (The Process)


THE BEAUTY OF WOOD ... MADE BETTER. It's Clean. It's Green. It's EcoPrem

This is how - and why - we create EcoPrem Wood

It’s easy to enjoy the beauty and richness of natural wood – when it’s indoors, not out! Once outdoors and exposed to the elements, most wood begins to warp … twist … cup … mold … rot … and decay.

Unless it’s protected.

Centuries ago, the Vikings learned to overcome natural wood’s shortcomings by treating it with fire. They discovered that burning the surface of cut wood made it more resistant to the effects of outdoor exposure. Consider this the first instance of wood’s thermal modification for construction purposes!

Over the past century, Europeans further perfected the thermal modification process. They not only used heat to treat wood but added steam as well. Incorporating steam makes it possible to heat wood throughout – to an extremely high temperature. This alters the very structure of the wood, giving it an extraordinary resistance to mold, rot, decay and insects.
Today, we’ve taken thermal modification to new levels with our patented EcoPrem process. This is an advanced, proprietary method of combining heat and steam to turn wood into a new, vastly improved outdoor construction material.

We start with #1-grade Southern yellow pine, an attractive, sturdy wood with good insulating properties. Once we’ve thermally modified it the EcoPrem way, it becomes a  weather-resistant product – one that resists warping, cuping or twisting. EcoPrem thermally modified wood is ideal, then, for decks, wood patios, fence and rail systems, home siding, and just about any other outdoor wood application you can imagine.

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