EcoPrem (The Benefits)


THE BEAUTY OF WOOD ... MADE BETTER. It's Clean. It's Green. It's Clean. It's Green.

Only EcoPrem thermally modified wood offers benefits like these.


Our unique, patentedĀ EcoPrem processĀ strengthens wood and makes it impervious to the elements – which, in turn, makes it ideal for decks, wood patios, fence and rail systems, home siding, and other outdoor applications.


The #1-grade Southern yellow pine we use is a renewable resource from domesticĀ sustainable forests. And since our modification process doesn’t involve chemicals, this wood is environmentally friendly. Scraps can be turned into mulch and used safely in gardens.


Our thermal modification process makes EcoPrem wood products safe. Most pressure-treated woods are produced with the use of toxic chemicals. To begin with, these chemicals break down the fasteners that hold most wood assemblies together. Even worse, of course, is what toxic chemicals do to humans and animals. Touching chemically treated wood or breathing the air around it can be extremely harmful. Rest assured, EcoPrem wood is non-toxic and chemical-free.


EcoPrem wood resists moisture, which keeps it from warping. It’ll hold its shape, retain its strength.


You can count on EcoPrem thermally modified wood products to provide years of rich beauty, high performance, longevity and total enjoyment. The thermal modification process creates a wood that’s incredibly resistant to mildew, rot and insects.

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