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Belle Isle

The Belle Isle is a unique product to our others whereas it utilizes laser cutting technology to get a clean and precise frame. This trash receptacle is an affordable option for any park, store, or sidewalk. We are also happy to accommodate any custom color needed for you project besides our five basic options.


Power Coat Color

Wood-Tones-Birchwood-150x150 (1).jpg
Wood-Tones-Antique-Mahogony-150x150 (1).jpg
Wood-Tones-Brazillian-Walnut-150x150 (1).jpg
Wood-Tones-Coastal-Grey-150x150 (1).jpg
Wood-Tones-Driftwood-Grey-150x150 (1).jpg
Wood-Tones-Walnut-150x150 (1).jpg

Feet Type

Feet come in a standard set or adjustable.


Receptacle Frame

  • Available in 5 standard powder coat colors as well as custom colors

  • Powder coating provides a thick, durable, and hard finish that resists chipping and scratching more than standard painting

  • Also available coated in our Eco Dip painting process.
    – Co-Cure process
    – Autodeposition primer – the most environmentally friendly process used today
    – No Heavy Metal sludge
    – Total part coverage inside and out
    – Better edge coverage

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