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Pool & Leisure

Add beauty and safety to your outdoor living spaces with self contained solar lights from SolaRight. A variety of shapes and sizes can add night time wow factor to any hardscape design. Trails, pools, patio and public spaces are perfect for the durable and attractive benefits of solar lighting.

Transportation and Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian safety, dangerous curve delineation and warning sign visibility are key to moving “Toward Zero Deaths” on Americas roadways. SolaRight’s patented and unique products provide the longest lasting solutions available.

City of Edmond 

Elevated Curb/Lane Delineation

The City of Edmond, OK is an active city 15-miles north of Oklahoma City. Edmond has experienced tremendous growth over the last 20-years with a population nearing 100,000 and as a result, many traffic related projects are being undertaken to improve the efficient and safe flow of traffic throughout the community. Prior to the installation, the site recently experienced a fatality leading the city leaders to look for new ways of clearly identifying the geometry of the new roadway.

Oklahoma City Zoo

Typically, the Zoo is only open during the daylight hours, but they had the desire to illuminate and color-code certain pathways for evening events within the Cat Forrest and Great Escape sections.

Boat Ramp Lighting

Poor night time visibility of boat ramp lanes resulting in multiple backing attempts and boat ramp delays and boater frustration.

Memorial Park

This 15-acre park, which was dedicated to the veterans who served in WWI, has been a place to gather for many years. The City recently completed a $1.8 million renovation of the park opening up an opportunity for SolaRight take part by adding lighting leading to the further beautification and safety for those to enjoy.